The Missing Conversation At Cannes: Programmatic Needs a Better Canvas

July 5, 2018By MediaPost

There was no shortage of brilliant examples of the convergence of advertising and technology at this year’s Cannes Lions festival, including innovative applications of AI and VR. But more than 80% of digital advertising spend will be programmatic this year, according to eMarketer. So in that sense the divide between creative…

Breaking The Cycle: 3 Pillars For Progress

April 23, 2018By MediaPost

For years, the digital advertising industry settled into a predictable pattern. Let’s call it SBLR for short: Soul Searching, Big Speech (typically at the IAB or ANA annual meeting), Little Industry Action, Repeat. Not much progress was made toward cleaning-up programmatic advertising or even defining what “cleaning-up” actually meant….

33Across Expands Executive Ranks

January 4, 2018By 33Across

33Across today announced the appointment of Miles Dennison to the position of chief revenue officer (CRO) and the promotion of former CRO Paul Bell to general manager, Global Data Solutions…

Monetize Mobile Web Traffic Programmatically

May 24, 2016By 33Across

We’re excited to announce the addition of Mobile In-Feed placements to our outstream suite of video products. With the addition of this in-article mobile placement, 33Across publishers can now monetize the mobile web at programmatic scale…