The Flip-Side of Viewability
Agencies and brands are now requiring their ads to be 100% in-view. Publishers who strive to achieve this level of viewability could create an unpleasant experience for users. When monetizing publishers should balance user experience and viewability.

Regulating Native Advertising
The push-pull for clicks, time-on-page and engagement is making it hard to distinguish between journalism and advertorial. Reading content that appears to be editoral but actually sponsored, users are feeling “tricked.” With the lines being so blurred, it is no surprise the federal government has required the “sponsored content” disclosure included on native ads.

Time-In-View Takeover
Since the beginning of online advertising clicks were the focus, then came engagement. Now time-in-view is the hottest metric. Several discussions during AdWeek surrounded the correlation between brand efficacy and time-in-view. The new metric is showing potential in measuring brand engagement which is exciting.