Breaking The Cycle: 3 Pillars For Progress

April 23, 2018By MediaPostMedia Coverages, News

For years, the digital advertising industry settled into a predictable pattern. Let’s call it SBLR for short: Soul Searching, Big Speech (typically at the IAB or ANA annual meeting), Little Industry Action, Repeat. Not much progress was made toward cleaning-up programmatic advertising or even defining what “cleaning-up” actually meant….

33Across Takes on CES

January 12, 2017By 33AcrossBlog, Events

Last week the much anticipated Consumer Electronic Show took place in Las Vegas. Better known as CES, the four day conference provided participants the opportunity to get a first look at what to expect from the tech world in 2017. Team 33Across was in attendance, below are a few of our takeaways…

The Ripple Effect Of A Market Correction

June 17, 2016By 33AcrossBlog

It was hard not to miss Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends Report, especially the section on economic growth slowing. On the one hand, the report did call out that U.S. internet advertising growth is accelerating…