Discover A New Class Of More Effective Advertising

Harness the power of consumer searching and sharing signals to deliver new, “in-view” ad units and improved modeled audience performance

Reach consumers at key moments of discovery with 33Across Intent Impact Units.

High-impact creative and “in-view” placements delivered across our exclusive inventory from 1,000,000 quality publishers.

  • pizzapie No reliance on cookies
  • tablet Native-style ad delivery across Desktop and Tablet
  • star Utilizes high-impact, IAB Rising Star Creative

See the new Intent Impact Units in action

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Combine real-time data from our proprietary Intent Signal Platform and your own first-party or third-party data sources to create three powerful audience segmentation tools

  • Brand Graphs

    Custom audiences built from first-party data and unique 33Across Intent Signals

  • Social Personas

    Modeled audiences built entirely from proprietary 33Across Intent Signals

  • Purchase Based Models

    Transform offline purchase data into best-in-class buyer models

  • compose Custom models built to your specific needs and advertising goals
  • time More timely model activations based on real-time sharing and search signals
  • iphone Delivers against Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone inventory

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Benefits Of Intent Impact Units:

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    Identifies Better Signals to Capture Consumer Intent

    Consumer sharing and searching activities are better indicators of their true intent

  • pizzapie

    Reduces Reliance on Cookie Technology

    Capture consumers’ intent in the moment versus what they want from that past activities

  • iphone

    In-View With High-Impact Creative

    Unique placements coupled with high-impact creative maximizes impact

  • view

    Delivers Across Devices At Scale

    Full suite of ad solutions that work across Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphones

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