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3 Tips to Drive Memorial Day Campaign ROI
May 3, 2018
3 Tips to Drive Memorial Day Campaign ROI

Summer’s unofficial start is upon us. Before you fire up the grill or hit the beach, make sure you have the right approach to add some extra sizzle to your holiday campaigns. With retail traffic increasing 73% during the summer holiday season, now is the perfect time to focus on strategies for quickly reaching and influencing online…


Breaking The Cycle: 3 Pillars For Progress
April 23, 2018
Breaking The Cycle: 3 Pillars For Progress

For years, the digital advertising industry settled into a predictable pattern. Let’s call it SBLR for short: Soul Searching, Big Speech (typically at the IAB or ANA annual meeting), Little Industry Action, Repeat. Not much progress was made toward cleaning-up programmatic advertising or even defining what “cleaning-up” actually meant….